Termite Control on Government Land in Queanbeyan

Only pest control firms holding Environmental Authorisation issued by the Environment Protection Authority will be permitted to inspect trees for termite activity on land managed by TAMS and to destroy nests that are a suspected source of infestation to nearby structures.

Nests will be considered as a possible source of termite attack if they are located within 60 metres of structures under attack and the termites in the nest are of the same species as those identified in the infested area. Residents requesting termite inspections of trees on land managed by TAMS will be responsible for the cost of the inspection if no termite nests are found. Pest control firms inspecting trees or mounds on TAMS’ land for termites, must follow the inspection techniques outlined in the Australian Standard 3660-2000 and the Guidelines for Termite Control.

Where a pest controller locates a nest on public land within 60 metres of a residence, TAMS will be responsible for the cost of the inspection and the destruction of the nest. The pest controller must obtain permission from TAMS to destroy the nest. The pest controller must provide TAMS with a written quote that details the site location, number of nests to be treated and termiticide to be used.

If the quote is acceptable, TAMS will contract the pest controller to undertake the work. A pest control firm must have current Environmental Authorisation under the Environment Protection Act 1997 and must adhere to conditions under the Authorisation. In addition, the pest controller must hold a recognised qualification in termite control and preferably hold a permit to apply arsenic dust. Nests must be destroyed by following the procedures outlined in the Australian Standard 3660-2000 and the Guidelines for Termite Control.

When entering land to destroy nests on behalf of TAMS, a pest controller must adhere to any conditions applied by TAMS. Nests must be destroyed within fourteen days of TAMS being notified in writing by the pest control firm. Trees or shrubs on TAMS land must not be damaged during the nest destruction process other than drill holes (12-19 mm diameter) in accordance with Australian Standard 3660–2000. All auger holes drilled in trees on public land (including trees inspected and treated for termites) must be plugged with a non-toxic acrylic caulking compound, such as bathroom sealant or antifungal agents specifically designed for this purpose.

Do not use dead wood such as dowelling as it prevents the tree from healing or silicon sealants as they contain harmful solvents which can damage the tree. Where a termite nest is not located, private leaseholders may consider the installation of a chemical soil barrier to prevent possible future termite attack of their residence from the soil.

Any precautionary action must be undertaken on the lease holder’s land, at the lease holder’s expense and must follow the procedures outlined in the Australian Standards 3660 – 2000 and the Guidelines for Termite Control.

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